The Allen County Schools Instructional Unit Organizer for English Language Arts and Mathematics translate the new Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten through 12th grade into unit maps that teachers can use to plan their year, craft their own more detailed curriculum, and create lesson plans. Units are written by Allen County Educators for Allen County students. The maps are flexible and adaptable, yet they address every standard in the CCSS. Teachers will constantly evaluate the maps and will make adjustments in instructional components as needed to maximize instruction.

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About Elementary School Maps:

When children enter elementary school, they are full of curiosity about the world around them. They want to know how things work and where things come from.  Students will gain a solid foundation for reading by developing phonetical awareness and usinfg the literacy strategies.  Students in grades Pre K -6 will develop their number sense beginnng with counting to 50 and finishing with basic algebraic concepts.

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About Middle School Maps:

In grades 7 – 8, students are ready for new levels of intellectual challenge. Students should have a strong background in mythology, folktales, and fables from around the world; classic and contemporary fiction and poetry; and literary nonfiction related to historical and select scientific topics.  Mathematical concepts include studies in algebra, geometry, probability and statistics.  Students will be exposed to a rigorous pre Advanced Placement curriculum in language arts, math and science in grades 6-8.

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About High School Maps:

Students who will enter high school with a rich foundation in fiction, drama, poetry, mythology, and literary nonfiction from a variety of cultures.  In addition, they have started reading literature closely with attention to specific elements and have considered parallels between literature and the arts. Students will have the opportunity to student English Literature at the Advanced Placement level.  Math and science curriculum will take students into the realm of chemistry, advanced biology, and calculus.  Students will study in depth the history of the United States as well as world issues.

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